Check on the Status of a Notice and Pay the Notice

Check on the status of a notice by entering either Your license plate and state or Notice number.

If you believe you received a notice in error, please check the status of the notice by entering your notice number in the search box. If the notice has been dismissed, it will not appear in the results.

Payment providers occasionally transmit proof of payment after the notice was issued. In these cases, we automatically dismiss the associated notice upon receipt of the payment details. If you paid and think your notice was issued in error, please check the current status of the notice by searching ‘find my notice’. If the notice is still active and you believe it is an error, please submit a dispute by entering the requested information on the form at this link.

Do You Have a Question?


  • Online Search: Enter the notice number or the license plate with the plate state and ‘find my notice’
  • Lost Notice or Unknown Parking Company: Please contact our Customer Service team by calling 877-302-7275 or complete the Customer Contact form here.
  • Online payments – we accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express, and debit cards.

Over The Phone

Please have your notice number or plate number available and call (877) 302-7275 to reach our Customer Service, one of our team members will lead you through the payment process.

  1. If you paid to park or have a permit

    Please provide the receipt as proof of payment. A valid receipt is either an email from the payment provider or a screenshot of the payment provider purchase which identifies these 4 fields:

    • license plate of the vehicle on the receipt
    • parked location
    • the beginning date/time of the purchased session
    • the expiration date/time of the purchased session
  2. Is there a typo in your license plate on the receipt
    If you entered the plate with a typo and there is not another vehicle with the plate on your receipt, we will dismiss your notice.
  3. If you are a monthly parker or had a permit during the time of the parked session on the notice:

    Please send us both of the following items:

    • a copy of the permit
    • proof of payment for the permit.

If you believe you received a notice in error or if you paid for parking, please submit a dispute and provide the required information. Once we receive the required documentation we will review and adjust your notice as appropriate.

Submit a dispute

Customer Service Center: (877) 302-7275